Frequently Asked Questions

 What's inside the  Box?    

   If you choose the Deluxe Indulgence, you will find 7-10 premium  handmade products. This will include a variety of items such as Soap,  shower gel, bubble bath, lip balms, lotions and butters, bath bombs,  shampoo and other hair care, etc. The Mini-Indulgence will include 3-5  items from the Deluxe box .     

 Are your products natural?       

 We use only the best premium ingredients in our products and make sure  that they are detergent free. We includes many certified organic  ingredients and keep out the harsh chemicals. We love essential oils  however we do use skin safe fragrances and dyes. All of our products are  labeled with the ingredients and if you ever have a question about a  product you receive please feel free to contact us 

 Can I cancel my subscription?          

 We're not here to hold you hostage. We are honored that you chose us to  fulfill your pampering needs but you may cancel at any time. Click the "  edit " button under active subscriptions. Cancel the subscription, then  click " change ". If you cancel before being billed, your cancellation  will take affect  immediately. If you cancel your subscription after you  are billed for that month, you will still be charged and your  cancellation will go into effect for the next month.  If you cancel  after the bill date and do not want the next shipment please email us at  [email protected] so that we may issue you a refund immediately. 

   When does monthly  billing occur?                    
                    Billing begins immediately upon purchasing your  first subscription box, then depending on the frequency that you have  selected, re-billing occurs on the 15th of the month. Orders placed  after the 4th of the month will go onto the next cycle meaning you will  receive the upcoming months box and you will not be re-billed until the  15th of the next month.         

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     Call us at: 407-490-4849             [email protected]           

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